About me

Gianluca Fumelli was born in Rome in 1974. Self-taught, realist landscape figurative painter, cultivates his passion for design and comic since his youth, and then adds oil painting on canvas and graphics. In 1993 he graduated from the State Technical Engineering Institute as Chief Technical Officer in Telecommunications, then continues with studies as Computer Programmer and in 2010 he holds a Master in Graphic Design and Web Design. After graduating, he started collaborating with a small provincial newspaper, for which he created cartoons and caricatures. In Rome he works for several computer companies and decides to join his passion for design at work. He then started to dedicate himself to computer graphics and web graphics, so he also collaborates with national projects. Give his free time to painting, transferring the harmony of nature, wildlife and wilderness in its paintings, as open windows that overlook nature, and express emotions developed by the fantasy by giving inner serenity as well as to oneself to others. His paintings deeply represent his emotional love for nature, capturing animals in their playfulness and daily life. The passion that inspires him in his paintings is evident from the details, his work gives a deep respect for fidelity in painting by looking for the precise and faithful traits of animals and landscapes as well as in the details even in the colors that nature transmits with the variations of seasons. He paints what he really feels, respect for nature is reflected in its work  and its purpose is to convey his emotions and his desire for freedom to those who observe them. Since 2009, he is present in the artistic world of painting. He participated in personal exhibitions, collective exhibitions, national and international exhibitions, among which there are London, Berlin, Stockholm, Paris, Monaco-Monte Carlo, Barcelona, Las Vegas, New York, Rome, Florence, Porto Venere, Venice, Taormina, Lecce;  has received several awards and recognitions, And his paintings are included in national and international catalogs, and in Art Magazines in Europe and the United States.